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Technology and Innovation

PACCAR Parts Distribution Technology


PACCAR Parts Distribution Centers around the world use modern technology to quickly receive, store, pick and ship products. The PACCAR Transportation System uses computer modeling to determine the most efficient trucking routes for inbound material deliveries to our distribution centers.

In addition, PACCAR Parts’ warehouse-within-a warehouse concepts, including high-velocity mezzanines and automated conveyors, improve employee efficiency and increase service and reliability to our dealers and customers.

These innovative solutions and technologies move products through the supply chain to the customer in the most efficient manner, creating value for dealers and customers around the world.

PACCAR Parts Bar Coding and Voice-activated Order Picking


Bar coding is one of the keys to improving supply chain efficiency. With bar coding at our distribution centers as well as at our dealerships, parts are accurately picked and tracked for faster and more effective customer service throughout the supply chain.

PACCAR is the only North American commercial vehicle manufacturer to use voice technology in our parts distribution centers. Our operators work using two-way voice interaction with the business system. This technology makes us more efficient and increases quality of service. PACCAR Parts continually works on bar-coding, RFID and other technology solutions to improve our operations, as well as those of our dealers.



PACCAR Parts Managed Dealer Inventory Program, or MDI, is one of the most advanced technologies in the supply chain. MDI allows PACCAR Parts to manage each dealer’s inventory planning functions and provides visibility to retail transactions.

Based on data analysis, parts order recommendations are developed for each dealer location and transmitted electronically to the dealer daily. MDI provides significant benefits to dealers with increased parts availability, improved inventory turns and most importantly, increased levels of customer service.


PACCAR dealers around the world depend on advanced, award-winning customer communication programs to deliver valuable savings opportunities, brand and industry news, product announcements and much more to millions of customers each year.


DAF, Kenworth, and Peterbilt dealers utilize a variety of award-winning advertising, direct marketing and internet marketing tools. These programs keep customers informed on the most current products and promotions, and enable dealers to better serve their customers and more efficiently grow their business.


In addition, PACCAR Parts sponsors the DAF MAX, Kenworth Privileges and Peterbilt Preferred, Loyalty Card programs. These industry-first retail solutions offer customers a diverse collection of valuable parts and service discounts.